School Board

The Dianella Education Precinct is a partnership between Dianella Secondary College, Dianella Education Support Centre and Dianella Primary College.

As a precinct we are able to foster the concept of a K-12 model with one entry and one exit. Through this partnership, we are able to share learning programs, teacher expertise and peer support.

The Dianella Education Precinct has a school  board for all three schools.   The school board engages in activities that are in the best interest of students and will enhance the education provided by the schools by:

  • Participating in the setting and monitoring of school objectives and priorities

  • Participating in the financial planning to achieve set objectives and priorities

  • Participating in evaluating the schools' performance

  • Contributing to establishing the standard of the schools' dress codes

  • Promoting the schools' in the community


Current Board Members

Matt Byrne: Board Chair, Community Representative
Wayne Austin: Principal,  Dianella Secondary College
Mark Thompson: Staff Representative, Dianella Secondary College
Girish Aneja: Parent Representative, Dianella Secondary College
Adrian Piers: Principal, Dianella Secondary College ESC
Rebecca Gipson: Staff Member, Dianella Secondary College ESC
Merryl Goodall: Parent Representative,  Dianella Secondary College ESC
Anthony Middleton: Principal, Dianella Primary College
Jo Coppins, Staff Representative,  Dianella Primary College
John Tasevski: Parent Representative,  Dianella Primary College
Amber-Jade Sanderson: MLA State Member of Morley
Tony Vuleta: Community Representative 
Marion Thompson: Community Representative Rotary Club of Matilda Bay