Physical Education Program


Physical Education Program

Health and physical wellbeing is a priority in our school. The Fundamental Movement skills and the Fundamental Game Strategies are key components of the Physical Education Program. The focus is on a developmental pathway in which students’ progress through the two programs, from Primary to Year six, leaving the school with the skills needed for confident participation in sport and recreational activities. The program also enables students to make responsible decisions about health and physical activity.

Our children enjoy sport and are encouraged to be active through our daily Fitness Program.

As part of the Health and Physical Education Program there is an emphasis on the development of life skills to encourage resilience, respect and confidence, to allow students to reach their full potential. The Physical Education Program encourages all students to enjoy and participate fully in all physical activity. At Dianella Primary College we also encourage community involvement in our sports program with outside sporting coaches coming in to provide extra activities to our students.

Assessment is based on Monitoring Standards in Education, Fundamental Movement Skills and Fundamental Games Strategies Testing.

The Physical Education Program also offers the following:

  • Faction Swimming Carnival

  • Faction Athletics

  • Interschool Athletics Carnival

  • Running club twice a week

  • Volleyball Club

  • Netball Club

  • Basketball

  • Tennis

  • Indoor Volleyball

  • Interschool Sports Competitions

  • Football

  • Netball

  • Soccer

  • Cricket

  • Volleyball

Our Physical Education Program comprises of:

  • one lesson per week

  • daily fitness

  • weekly sport and activities for Junior and Senior Groups

  • Interschool athletics and team games competitions