Biological Science

Biological science is the study of living things.

Pre-primary - Looking at the basic needs of living things, including comparing the needs of plants and animals.

Year 1 - Identifying the common external features of living things and the different environments they inhabit.

Year 2 - Investigating how living things change throughout their life cycle.

Year 3 - Students work on grouping living things based on their observable features, as well as identifying the difference between living things, non-living things, once living things and the products of living things.

Year 4 - Students observe the different stages of living things in their life cycle and investigate the interactions between different living things within their habitats.

Year 5 - Investigating the various adaptations of plants and animals which enable them to survive in their environment.

Year 6 - Investigating how the growth of living things can be affected by changes to their environment.